-Peggy Tibbetts, Author

"Ten-year old Robin and nine-year old Elsbett live happily with their pet dragon, Lula and their uncle, Professor Spindle in his castle surrounded by an enchanted forest in a strange land where every living thing contains a little bit of magic. But all is not what it seems, especially the "happily" part. The rather sudden appearance of Anastasia and Martin, whom the Professor hires as caretakers of his castle, changes everything. On an impromptu sojourn into the enchanted forest Elsbett finds an orb which turns out to be a warning and a plea for help from the forest folk. To complicate matters further, there is something terribly and mysteriously wrong with Professor Spindle. And - as if all of that wasn't bad enough - the secret to everything is inside a washing machine. Each of the quirky yet likeable characters makes a unique contribution to the whole zany operation. Kadzere employs a Lemony Snicket style of wit and clever asides which make this fast-paced, fantastic adventure exceedingly fun to read." 

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